Why is there a _good_ in goodbye_

Hello everyone! As I checked this blog’s stats, I can see that somehow it’s booming. But I have already decided to take blogging more seriously. I have been in the blogosphere since 2015 and been blogging inconsistently since then. When I started to work from home, which we all knew was one of the biggest decision we’ve ever had as a family, I asked myself if blogging is really for me. I almost quit, obviously, as I’ve been inactive and had started procrastinating. I lose my focus and stumble.

But then, I love blogging! It has always been my escape from my full time work – may it be when I was working in an office or working from home. Blogging has opened a lot of opportunities and it helped me realized that we can always do more – if only we choose to.

So, friends, this would be my last post in this blog. But I’ll keep it online because I’m that sentimental. HAHA! All my dramas, rants and previous musings were shared here and this platform will always have a part in my blogging life.

Help me and join me as I launch a new nest online. This is where I will be starting a lifestyle blog that will focus on pursuing your passion even if motherhood is so demanding. This will have more matured posts – I will refrain from mixing too much emotions on my post, but I’ll keep it personal pa rin. I will share how I venture from #WAHMDream to #WAHMDreamAchieved! and will still document my growing life as mom of boys and will still share snippets of our simple yet happy life.

I will commit to bring value to the contents that I will be posting. I will make sure that my blog will be more relevant this time. HAHAHA!

Thank you for being here with me, sharing thoughts on my past musings, giving advises and becoming virtual friends – let’s continue making memories together on my new blog called BY MOMMY GRACE. See you there!