My 1st Photography Workshop

I love pictures, I really do. When I became a blogger, I am more into text and my visuals are usually “borrowed”. I love pictures but I don’t know how to compose beautiful ones (and the given reason, I don’t have a camera). If you’ve been to my blog either on my old blogspot account or here, you may say that my blog is of low quality.
Let’s face it, people want colors, visuals, portraits – photos…

Me? I only use my phone for blogging and for taking pictures. But I don’t want that to hinder my passion in writing and sharing those precious moments. So, I still take photos and snap shots and just edit it. What you’re seeing on my blogs are the best that me and my phone can offer. Haha!

My number one focus or subject would always be my family, I am very blessed that my kids are naturally adorable and they can still look very nice in pictures taken with my phone, but of course, I also want to display crisp, better-looking photos in Instagram and on my blog.

So when I heard that my company has a photography club that offers free workshops, fun events and a venue to practice the skill, I got really excited! The lowlight? Again, I have no camera. I don’t even own a point-and-shoot. My phone’s not even on an average. Yes it has 13 megapixels rear cam, but it still produces grainy pictures (plus, my lil Mr. Suycano #1 took off the protective glass on the lens).

I doubted. I planned to join last year. My fear overcame me. I turned my back, didn’t grab the opportunity. Until a friend (who is already a member of the club) told me that they don’t require members to have cameras, camera-phones would do. He told me that I could learn a lot from the club, from the basics to post process to techniques and more!

I still doubted. Yeah. How can I practice without a camera? How can I fully understand what’s being taught if I don’t know how it looks like?

Well after a loooooong time thinking, at last, the opportunist side of me awakens! Not the negative ‘opportunist’ ha, but the one who grabs the opportunity fast.

So I signed up. I prayed. I stared at my phone, “oh, buddy! Sorry if I belittle you!”

Today, I am so much grateful that I have acted on this passion. As I’ve attended my first photography workshop, I am really excited and still frightened. I tried to borrow cameras from my parents but our old point and shoot camera’s no longer working. So… I went to the workshop with nothing but my wantness to learn and my ‘camera-phone’.

During the introduction, I became really honest that I am a newbie, has zero-knowledge about photography, don’t have a camera and that I am purposely doing this for blogging sake. 🙂

The people are very nice, warm and jolly. I am so thankful that my friend, Diego of lets me borrow his camera so I can understand the topic well.


PHOTOGRAPHY 101 it is.
1.   I’ve learned that photography means light. Funny, but when Sir Jojo (the speaker) asked the group what photography is, the first thing that comes my mind is just “taking pictures”. Hahaha!

2. I have learned about the parts of camera. Before, I don’t mind those buttons and just take photos, now (and until I have my very first camera), I can already maximize its features!

3. Now, I know what aperture, shutter speed and ISO mean and how they can affect how we compose pictures.

4. I have understand that it’s no longer just night mode or daylight mode, but it’s really White Balance.

5. It was my first time hearing about bokeh, depth of fields and rule of thirds. Seriously.

6. I have experienced taking photos using SLR camera, what a joy! 😀
Also, I was able to capture a light painted star!


Yes! This is me “assuming to be a real photographer”! Thanks Lloyd for this pic! Dream come true! Hahahaha

7. It’s not about what camera you’re using, it’s how you compose your pictures.

8. Maximize what you have. So, buddy (I am referring to my phone), I guess it’s still you and me? :p

9. I now know what’s under expose and over expose means.

10. Lastly, I have learned that photography is not always about the camera and the lens, photography is more of keeping and collecting those memories. A passion, indeed!

Thank you so much to the Photography Club! I have learned a lot and I enjoyed a lot! Sorry if I am not able to join the practice photo shoot, I am a little shy and I gotta go see my bebes na! 😉

Praying to have our own camera real *soon*

Snapshots from the workshop (using my phone)









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