My Staycation Tips + My First Staycation Experience with my Beshes

This post is brought to you by Traveloka. All ideas and opinions are mine.

We don’t live to just work, we need to explore and perhaps, travel?

As a working mom, it’s not easy to get out of my bubble. Mommy errands + 9 hour work shift + updating my blogs and being a woman myself, ugh! I have no time to even relax!

We all need a break from all our engagements. Planning a vacation out of town is a really thrilling plan, but since I am a working mom, a blogger, a wife and an entrepreneur, it’s not always practical to go out of town “to relax”.

While it will be hard for me  to leave my family and all those errands behind, it doesn’t mean I can’t have a vacation away from home – a staycation with family and/or friends is a great option to relax.

We need not to go far; the city has a lot to offer. Also, there are online booking sites like Traveloka to help us search for accommodation easily.

So here are my tips for a hassle-free-and-super-fun-staycation + my girlfriends 1st staycation experience!

Search for the right place.

Check for different hotels and review amenities. Since we don’t want to stress ourselves going too far from home, we have searched for hotels near us, we all live in Taguig City so we chose Makati since it’s accessible and we are pretty familiar with most places there. Traveloka has a tool that filters what hotels are available in a specific area; it will be easier for you to search.

Look for Promos and book online

Some people don’t want to travel thinking it will put a hole in their pockets. One of the things that I consider whether in a real vacation or a simple staycation is our budget. We are working hard and we want the best for our hard-earned money, right?

It is easier to book online because you will see the hotel rates, type of the room, amenities included and how many people can stay in, all in one page.

Plus, booking sites like Traveloka offers discounts as much as 45%! Isn’t it a sweet treat?

Plan the fun.

Check for local attractions and plan your activities and list the things you can do nearby. Perhaps go shopping, relax in the pool, eat out or cook! We opt to cook our food and since we are in Makati, shopping for what we need was pretty easy.

As for me and my busy, pretty girlfriends, we planned to just relax and enjoy the moment together, talk about life over ice cream, movie marathon and swimming!

The place we have stayed in has given us free face masks, so after the swimming, we’ve had a nice face masking party!

Instagramable or not?

Okay. This may sound funny, but hey! These are precious moments to treasure so it should be really memorable! It is so nice to know that websites have reviews and actual photos to show so you will have an idea on how your staycation would look like.

One of the things I love with staycations is the ambience of the place. It is relaxing to see a new place, so calming to look at beautiful interiors and room designs and accessories. Since we are moving soon to our own nest, I am getting ideas on what looks comfy in a house.



I am working in a customer service industry and I have heard complains on hotel reservations saying that their stay has not been good or was not as described.

Traveloka guarantees an honest and secure reservation, so we could hope for a really fun and worry-free staycation!

Lastly, savor the moment

Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out and enjoy life’s simple gifts. Forget for a little while, smile and laugh your heart out. Because why are you staying for a little vacation, anyway?

As the saying goes, “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape”.

And even we have not travel far away from home, a simple escape from all the loads we carry was super refreshing and we feel relaxed after.

Sometimes pausing can lead us back on track and it releases positive vibes to keep us going.

What else can we reason out to not travel or at least have a little staycation?

I hope that these tips would made you realize we all need to rest our tired body and refresh our minds, staycation would not cost us a lot! 🙂


36 thoughts on “My Staycation Tips + My First Staycation Experience with my Beshes

  1. Lavishly Parsimonious says:

    I love staycations especially if time is limited. I normally make bookings via Agoda- they've got good deals compared popular booking sites. But since you mentined Traveloka…leme give it a try perhaps this month. Enjoy life- travel, have fun and explore-these experiences are priceless. Do this while you are still young. (macy)


  2. berlin domingo says:

    We also booked online for our travel this new year. Unfortunately, the experience was so horrifying. I.used traveloka but wasnt able to find a suitable place for us because most hotels were fully booked already. I used expedia and it was the worst decision. I was charged even before I confirmed leaving me with no option but to continue the reservation. When we arrived at the hotel, we learned that expedia didnt forward our reservation. Worst, the hotel do.not anymore acknowledge expedia because they do.not pay. Lesson learned.


  3. Cris Ruffolo says:

    Hi Dear. Happy to know you spent time with your best friends. I was told by a very good friend, who is twice my age, that we will always need our girl friends because they know what we're going through. 🙂


  4. Liz Alberto says:

    Happy New Year! I wish my friends and I could also do the same,unfortunately, locations, time and responsibilities won't allow us to. Thank you for sharing, I now have ideas on what to do if ever there will be time for us.


  5. Juvyann Petilla says:

    I am beginning to like staycations a lot over long drive road trips. Staycations are really relaxing without having to drive far or waste precious time in traffic. I use Traveloka and Agoda (sometimes Asia Travel), but sometimes I get very good deals via Deal Grocer and MetroDeal too.


  6. Nilyn_ECM says:

    I'll be honest, I don't do staycations. I love/like to, but just didn't have the chance (or maybe the reason) to do so. Hopefully, we'll be able to experience staycation when the husband comes home later this year.


  7. Nerisa says:

    I wish I could do staycation too. Most of the time I weigh if I want to travel or stay in a hotel nearby lang. the traveling always win. haha Glad you had a great time.


  8. EINz says:

    I would love to try booking with traveloka next time we plan our family staycation. Discounted offers will surely make me consider doing so, thanks for sharing!


  9. Melisa Sanchez says:

    I love staycation specially with family. Last Sept. nag vacay kami sa Bora subrang saya and nakaka relax. Like you I miss my sisteret na friends mag out of town. Noon lagi namin ginagawa ngayon mukhang ang hirap na ng mga sched kasi may mga family na. What a blast of staycation sis with your girlfriends.


  10. Janice Lim says:

    Wow, I haven't had a staycation with my girl friends in years. I don't know when I'll be able to do it again especially since we have a new baby. Happy for you that you got to do it. 🙂


  11. Michelle says:

    Palagi kong naririnig at nakikita ang advertisement ng Traveloka sa TV and I always say na ang galing na talaga ng technology ngayon kasi super convenient gamitin ang Traveloka lalo na para sa mga frequent travelers. I am yet to use it kapag natuloy na ang staycation ng family namin. Hopefully this month habang hindi pa ako bundat na bundat sa pagkakabuntis ko hahaha!


  12. Liz Aquino says:

    I would love to have a staycation party with my closest friends as well however, we are all busy with our own schedules, it really makes it hard to even schedule a coffee session, much less a staycation 🙂 Will have to keep in mind Traveloka though when I plan a staycation with the family soon. 🙂


  13. May Castillo says:

    Hmmm… maybe I should also try a staycation with friends soon. Seems to be very fun and I think it's a good chance to catch up with each other. I love travels and staycations but its always with family.


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