The Reason of this Season


How’s holiday vacations, mi loves? I hope that you find happiness in this season. Me and my family are very grateful to have celebrated our first Christmas together in the warmth of a house we now called “our own”. Yes, we have moved in! That is why I was not able to update my blogs.

Now that the most amazing season of the year is here, I can’t help but share just how grateful I am for all that had happened — these include all trials and challenges we have faced and all the blessings we have received. Above all, I am very much thankful to have known the real reason of this season : Happy Birthday, Jesus!

2016, I must say is the toughest. Not because I have faced a lot of problems but because I’ve been far away from Him. I became a stagnant Christian and all I can reason out was the busyness of my life. I have forgotten to surrender and trust Him. I have forgotten to pray, read my Bible and commit a specific time for my devotion. In short, I’ve done no effort to help my relationship with Him grow.

I thought it’ll be just fine because He is understanding and merciful. But as problem arises, I came to realize, really, I am nothing without Him.

So, as the night of His birthday was about to close, He has spoken to me and asked me to go back to Him despite any distractions or barriers I may face — that includes my family. After all, it is between me and Him.

I also realized that in order for me to help my family grow deeper in Him and have a Christ-centered life, I must take the first step. I must fill myself with His wisdom first so I can share it to them and be the channel of His blessings.

I just want to share to you friends, that the best gift we have ever received was this season and its reason. The birth of our Savior who redeemed us from sin. The promise of eternal life. And the purpose of our lives.

Once again, Merry Christmas!

John 1:14

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth




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