3 Reasons To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Are you celebrating your wedding anniversaries? Why or why not?

Today, me and my husband are celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary. But we have already celebrated our 7th year of being together since we were just BF/GF last August 7.

I’d like to tell you that on that day, I was surprised that he went home with a cake that has a “Happy Anniversary” message. Why was it a surprise? Well, I’ll have to be honest, we were no longer sweet with each other. And those things, like celebrating anniversaries were no longer our priority.

Sad to think that as early as now we are getting tired of celebrating love, right? Parenting might have eaten us both that we’ve almost forgotten each other. But “hey, it was just you and me before the kids“, so we must remember why we started.

For the last year, we have been seeing our wedding as an afterthought. We’d like to be intentional in our marriage and make things better – together this time.

Here are three reasons to celebrate your wedding anniversaries. And these are what we are doing today!

1.It Was Your Big Day. And It Should Always Be, Right?

I remembered I have entitled our wedding day album in Facebook as “Our Big Day”, because it really was! It was a roller-coaster-wedding, I will say. We were not married when baby #1 came and not until baby #2 was conceived, that we have pushed getting married. Plus, that day was Iglesia ni Cristo’s rally-day, too! So imagine the traffic, the chaos and the stress of our wedding day! But it was definitely an amazing day for us!

It is your own day, it was the day that you were united by the law of man and the law of God. It was the day you said “I do” and promised to be together, ’til death do you part, right?


Being together, hand in hand, despite all the challenges you have faced, is a reason to celebrate – it is a milestone in your marriage. Cheers for more years to come!


2.It Is A Time To Reconnect and Reassess Your Relationship

Reconnect. It is one of the things that I’d like us to do. Me and my husband barely have “us- time” since we had our kids. It’s so hard to hire a yaya, and a babysitter is also hard to find. But we do have our “late night us-time”. Where we talk, share how our days have gone and EAT! Communication is a great barrier in any relationships, so for this year, I’d like us to intentionally connect with each other.


Reassess. This is the best time to set goals as couple and as parents. It is like a marker on your marriage that says, “We’ve gone this far, what’s next?”

It is healthy to have this timely assessment and re-connection to give your relationship a fresh and new start, to let go of the pain of the past and to try to love harder, despite life’s bittersweet treats.


3. It Is A Time To Celebrate Love

“…but the greatest of these is LOVE”

Is it not? We often look at love as a chore, that it is our obligation to love and serve our partners. But love is not a chore, it is a revelation, a reflection. We can’t change our partners’ heart and force them to be the men/women that we want them to be just so we can have a peaceful marriage. What we can do is to genuinely love them, despite our differences.


Wedding anniversary is a reminder of that love that sprouted years ago that is continuously growing and is bearing fruits.

So, if you are losing those reasons to celebrate, remember love. Remember that feeling when you first held his hand and kissed his lips. Remember why you started and celebrate what you have done so far.

How about you, dearies? How do you celebrate your wedding anniversaries?


P.S : Here’s what I prepared for our anniversary + a special dinner once he returns from job hunting.

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7 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

  1. nocturnalmomtalks says:

    Nung 2015 kami nagstart magcelebrate ng maayos ng anniversary hehe. Dati kasi kebs na kapag may flowers at batian. Pero when we were rebuilding our marriage 2 yrs ago, dun namin narealize na love should be nurtured talaga. Nag Baler kami with friends. 2016 Tagaytay kaming dalawa. This year nag eat out kami.

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