January Highlights

Goodbye January, Thank You! Hello love month!

I always look forward to January, not just because it’s my birth month, but because it’s the moment to start anew, to refresh our minds and press towards our goals. It is when our hopes are the highest.

Last year, I said that it was a sweet beginning because of some answered prayers, lovely people that surround me and a decent job. This year, it’s a more focused and concrete beginning – I’ve known my priorities even more and I was able to create a solid set of goals that’s achievable and meaningful.

As February begins, let me take you to my January highlights and hoping that I can inspire you to believe and achieve!


I’ve joined this challenge by Arriane Serafico, the founder of The Purposeful Creative, because I want to be more intentional in setting my goals. I don’t want to set incorrect goals that will just eat my time and won’t really make sense.

Here’s some nuggets of reflections from it:

  1. We should celebrate our winsMost of the times, we focused on things that didn’t go well and we forgot to commend ourselves for the achievements we had. We are being hard on ourselves and we jump high without moderation, that when ‘life happens’, we are being dragged down – by guilt, worry and fear. Let us simply celebrate our wins, because even the littlest achievements matter to our success.br2
  2. My one word for 2018.  I was not able to create a different blog post about it, so I’ll just include it here. I chose the word “Forward”, because in 2017, I know  that I have successfully started with one of my dreams – being a WAHM. And so this year, I will continue with what I have started, upgrade my skills and include God every step of the way. Last year was a magical ride, we’ve experienced tough, low times but God set our feet unto Him where we find hope and peace. It was an incredible beginning, with no monetary investment but a faith put into action. #Forward2018
  3. We are stucked into bad situations in life and we became stressedSome times we let our past declare our future. We must admit, it’s very hard to say we’re wrong and naturally, we are trying to cover things up. My take on this, we should not let whatever bad things that happened before ruin the big picture, let it be in the behind-the-scenes and serve as inspiration to avoid making the same mistakes. Especially, we , moms, we tend to do everything alone. That when life doesn’t go according to our plans, we lose hope. Always remember that it’s not your battle, do not hold unto it. Let go and let God 🙂 br
  4. Consistency. This has always been my weakness. I tend to walk out when things get tough. So I always pray for a courageous heart to still move forward despite life’s bitter sweet treats. And I hope that we all finish strong, ano pa man ang pinaglalaban natin. Always trust, believe and persevere to achieve.
  5. Set Priorities. There were goals that we carry in our hearts that when we think deeper, we realized, those goals don’t really matter. Do you have goals that felt childish? Funny as it may sound, sometimes we misinterpret daydreaming to goal settings. Hahaha! Also, in setting priorities, we must know our core idea and focus there. A personal experience : Last year, I focused more on making money, kasi ang dami naming utang. But the result was a disaster! I was physically drained, mentally and emotionally tired and I’ve become a monster that I almost ruin my relationship with my family. So this year, every goal will boil down to one specific core goal : that is to move forward with God and know that every thing will work together for good. 

My ‘extra sweet’ birthday

If my golden year was special, this year is extra sweet! It was a simple celebration with my boys. I never felt loved since I stayed at home. My husband appreciates me more and even surprised me with a new phone! If you have read my old post about praying for a new phone, you’ll know that it’s a big thing for me to have been given a new phone to support my blogging journey, because he said, this is my joy. This melts my heart, promise!



And also, my friends showed their support in my Calligraphy Passion Project. I just started, but I lack tools. I am limited to pens and markers only. But they give me a waterbrush calligraphy starter kit! I didn’t expect to receive any gifts from them, so I was really ecstatic when I opened it. I will be vlogging about it soon. (Yes! I will try vlogging!)


My main blog retrieval

I have set goals for my two blogs already (This will remain a mommy/lifestyle blog while Graceful Musings will be my WAHM DREAM Journal), when my blog suddenly disappeared. I lose access to it and when I called Pangalan.com, they stated that it was transferred in Japan! They cannot provide any reasons about it but I am very grateful that they were able to resolve it. Now, I will separate my stories about being a work-at-home-mom, please drop by my blog. Thank you!

Our first time to save (na di namin nababawasan!)

27658368_1818624398161924_1735062098_n (1)

When you’re living a paycheck to paycheck life, it will be hell hard to save because every centavo counts. But now that I work-at-home, our expenses were cut in half! So, me and my husband agreed to start saving. Not a grand way of saving, this year we choose the invisible 50-peso challenge and we’re glad that we don’t need to depend on it for consumption, it’s plainly for savings. It was a a milestone for our family and we are praying to be good stewards.

First giveaway of the year, and I also won Mommy Nheng’s giveaway!

I actually had second thoughts about blogging, there came a time that I no longer want to continue, but then I said to myself, “stop procrastinating!”. Whenever I lose direction, opportunities are coming and I am glad that I get to share the blessings to my friends, to you dearies! It may not be a grand giveaway, but it’s a proof that my blogs are still existing! Hahaha. The giveaway’s here.


Also one of the biggest Mommy blogger held a giveaway and I was able to win it! Mommy Neri of Nheng’s Wonderland gave away these:


Last but not the least, I get to start my #365BibleReadingChellenge in Chronological order

It has been always my goal to read the whole Bible within the year, but I am failing. Part of my concrete goals for 2018 is to grow deeper spiritually and I am glad that I have started some major exercises that’ll help me grow and hopefully be consistent in this. I’d take this journey to my blog and I am planning to add a weekly devotional here, too. I don’t have physical church and I ‘attend’ Sunday Service through livestreaming – but that means a lot! And I want to fire up that passion within me and make 2018 an awesome, wonderful and amazing year!


Are you ready to start February, dearies? Always remember to start with a grateful heart, whatever you may have faced today, it’s all going to be okay. Trust Him 🙂


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2 thoughts on “January Highlights

  1. nocturnalmomtalks says:

    Ang sweet naman ni hubby ❤️ My husband also gave me a phone last year pang blog din kasi wala naman ako laptop o pc naririnig nya sinasabi ko lagi “ang hirap magblog ang labo
    Ng cam ko haha!” Actually pinaparinig ko talaga :p Good job kayo sa ipon challenge. Push natin yan, momsh!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mommy Grace says:

      Hehehehe first time nya ako niregulahan hihihi. Oo nga moms, hirap talaga pag malabo cam. Been there, I feel you. :p
      Hoping na makapagsave din ng malaki for the future. Lalo na at magsschool na si Lance. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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