Our First Karate Kid Experience

Me and hubby’s love linker would always be food. Di naman halata sa aming pangangatawan, di ba?

We had our pre-Valentine’s date last February 13 because he has no work and I have to go to a Globe store to settle my account. Gladly, his brother came in and look over the kids.

So, it’s we time! Yey!

Since we have waited long to be assisted at Globe, we didn’t get a chance to watch a movie. We just had dinner and we’ve decided something new.

1. I can’t eat chicken because I have “tigdas” , so no to Mang Inasal.

2. We craved for Maki.

3. We had takoyaki balls and binatog for snack so we really aren’t starving. We said no to our favorite go-to restau – Tokyo Tokyo

4. We still chose Japanese, this time somewhere we haven’t dined in before – Karate Kid!

Disclaimer: not a sponsored post, just an honest review. 🙂

The Food

We both had Beef Teri from their “Mura Ito” Menu. It costs 125.00 and comes with a drink. Most of the food from this menu are affordable and cost 99.00 only. Beef Teri might be special having the price tag. 🙂

We also ordered California Maki. We were supposed to get the unli maki for 120.00 per person but we thought it’ll be too much. So we ordered 8 pcs. for 89.00.

The Experience

The food was served in less than 10 minutes.

There were only a couple of customers so we were able to shamelessly took our selfies. Haha!

The Beef Teri is good. However, the beef is not that tender and the sauce, a little bit too sweet for me, I was not able to finish it. The veggies smelled good because of bell peppers, but it’s blant. But the veggies are crunchy, +1 for it.

The California Maki has smaller portions than the regular. The rice does not taste like Japanese rice and their mayo is local – not the tasty Japanese Mayo restaus usually use for their Maki. At ang konti ng fish eggs. Haha!

All in all

It was fine. The staffs are friendly but the foods were not that special to go back to. (Maybe) next time, I’ll try their ramen.

So that’s it guys – our first Karate Kid Experience!

Not a disaster, but not extravagant. It’s okay for the price we’ve paid, if you are looking for a budget-friendly restau, this can be your go-to date! Japanese food for less than 500.00 for two? Not bad. 🙂

What’s your go-to restau for your dates, dearies?


4 thoughts on “Our First Karate Kid Experience

  1. nocturnalmomtalks says:

    Hindi na ako kakain sa Karat le Kid though di pa
    namin natry haha! Mas mura dito sa Yakibuta hehe. Di kami fan ng maki yung last na kain namin natira lang yung 2pcs hehe. Food din ang bonding namin mag asawa kaya lumobo kami parehas last year haha! D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane B Guevarra says:

    Nirecommend din yan ng friend ko before pero until now hindi pa ako nakakakain.LOL. Since favorite ko din ang maki, ittry ko talaga yan. Pinakamalapit na branch sa amin is sa SM Clark! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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