February Highlights

February passed so quickly, I would like to take time to share to everyone that even if life happens quickly, it still has so much to offer.

1. It was love month. Of course, one of the highlights for this month was the celebration of Valentine’s Day.


  • First, our Valentine’s is usually a remembrance of life. It was a heartbreaking February 14 seven years ago, when my mom-in-law died. Since then, Valentine’s has not only been just an ordinary day for us – especially for my husband.
    I’d like to reiterate that because of that event, it has been hard for us to celebrate that day freely. It would always be hard to remember that we’ve lost one life, a special one. But everything happens for a purpose. We’ll carry on.’
  • I and my husband are both Christians – Baptists to be exact. But I started attending an evangelical church before I was baptized. Why am I explaining so much about our religion? Because it’s not religion that we are living for. It has ad will always be our personal relationship with Jesus. If some find celebrating Valentine’s as offensive to Christianity, I would say, with an open mind, that for me, it is okay to join the celebration, give gifts to loved ones on that specific day. That ain’t an act of worship, that’s an expression. And for as long as I know my motive and how I am standing in front of the Lord, I don’t think it’ll be 100% wrong. I am sharing this to let go of guilt and division among the brotherhood.
  • Let us all spread the love 🙂

2. Our first we-time in 2018


As parents of two energetic minions, it’s so hard to have a we-time. But that’s part of our goals- for a deeper and more intimate marriage. And we would like to give it to ourselves, not just because we need it, but because we deserve a break, too. To refresh our minds, to strengthen our friendship, to be able to talk and plan, and to be just together.

Our pre-Valentine’s date here.


I also cooked Carbonara for Mama’s death anniversary. Rose and chocolates for us, Mama!

Of course, we also had a post- Valentine’s play-date with the minions! We let them see the Dinos in the Mall and play afterwards.

3. I started upgrading my online business, from Perfume collections to introducing variants of products. And I just started adding Flats – sandals, slip on and shoes made in Liliw Laguna. I don’t know, maybe selling is in our blood. Haha! I would like to empower women and equip them with the essentials that would not put a hole in their pockets. I would like to introduce beauty and elegance in the simplest form. And I would like to start this way.


I hope that women, especially moms, can use their potential to achieve their dreams – even how small or big others might think of it. Just start. Start small. Improve. And be your own definition of success.

4. Just as I am planning to start having my personal skincare routine, measles found me! And I never thought measles can be that worst. I literally looked like one of those dalmatians! But thankfully, there are now products that can help removal of scars easily. I will share the products I used to lighten the scars caused by measles in a different blog post

5. I never thought my decision to work-from-home could affect many people and choose to take the same path, too! It was a rough beginning, I must say. But like I always tell them, just start.


I will start blogging on my niche-blog soon and I hope you can all be with me as I share my WAHM Journey. You may visit my other blog here.

That is all for 28 days – I still can’t contain the happiness I am feeling since I started to work at home – I am starting to tick boxes from my bucket list, little by little, one step at a time. Thank you for all the people who supported me in this journey.

It just started 🙂


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