Mommy Grace Cooks : Lumpiang Kalabasa

This recipe is actually a copy-cat from my Tita. I saw her wrapping squash in spring rolls and fry it. And I thought "I'll be making this for my kids". So here's my version of Lumpiang Kalabasa. We are trying to eat healthier foods, so this recipe can be a great alternative to the normal … Continue reading Mommy Grace Cooks : Lumpiang Kalabasa


Jollibee kids… Forever!

What do you do during weekends? Our family enjoys the complete cast and make weekends our family time! Last weekend, lil Mr. Suycano #1 went hone and so we decided to give him a treat. After he's been hospitalized last March, we're not able to treat him to his favorite - at Jollibee! We're thankful … Continue reading Jollibee kids… Forever!